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I had two implants in the upper front jaw on July 10, 2014. The process progressed very smoothly during the whole procedure - surgery, CT scan, x-ray, drilling and closure in same place. I was impressed by the professional and knowledgeable of staff- Eddy and Dr. Sam Jain. This procedure took about 9 hours and I was released as a happy camper. Thanks for doing an excellent job.

Tian L.   

Dr. Jain & Dr. Gupta

My wife found Dr. Jain in a newspaper ad. We came in for a consultation. We got to see how some of the work looked, which made us interested in it. I got a total of 18 implants, 10 on the top and 8 on the bottom with full mouth reconstruction. They worked with my insurance to make the payments more affordable.

The dentists and staff are very professional and they made me feel very comfortable.

I am very pleased with the work, I haven't been this pleased since I had my natural teeth. These teeth look and feel more natural than my natural teeth did. I'm happy with my smile I even get compliments from some well known dentists in the area.

I'm 77 years old and my new teeth are a pleasure for me. You're never too young or too old to visit the center for implant dentistry to improve your smile. I would recommend the center for implant dentistry to anyone who has damaged teeth or who is in need of teeth replacement.

Charles S.   

Dr. Jain & Dr. Gupta are wonderful. They explain the implant procedure using models & diagrams. They answer all your questions. They put you at ease and you feel comfortable. They are upfront with every detail, each step, costs, time involved. They have convenient office hours for working adults. Their follow up care is superb!

Linda L.   

I heard about Dr. Jain from a friend. I went for Dental Implant, Dr. Jain and his wife explain me all my options and suggest me the best treatment. I am very satisfied with my treatment. I got the best treatment at right price. I highly recommended any one to Center for Implant Dentistry for dental treatment.

Sanket J.   

Having suffered through periodontal disease for years, I knew I would have to get implants at some point. Missing and loose teeth made for difficult eating and cleaning. I went in for the CT scan and free consultation. Dr. Jain was thorough and informative. I signed up that day to begin my journey to better mouth health. That process would include extractions, implants, bridges and crowns.. Each doctor there was professional and caring. The staff is marvelous. They make you feel at home. They have a busy practice, but will fit you in if you have any problems at all. I feel confident in recommending this office for anyone who has been delaying getting one implant, or many.

Jan T.   

My father (75) recently had sever toothache and looked for a good dentist to help him. I talked to multiple doctors based on phone-book and other ads and there were just too many, and a lot of them did not even answer the phone. I finally talked to Dr. Sam Jain (referred by a friend) and found him very flexible and sensitive to my father's needs.

Dr. Sam Jain provided multiple options and recommended an implant for my father's condition. He also offered a cash-discount (my father does not have insurance) that seemed very reasonable.

I was skeptical at first (because of the discount) but the quality of work and final results totally beat my expectations. The procedure and the recovery was relatively quick. Now the new implant feels and works just like his own healthy teeth.

I generally do not write reviews, but I think the outstanding work like this needs to be recognized. I and my kids also go there now (although it is a little far from our home). The staff is very friendly and always try to accommodate us (even last minute appointments) when possible.

Rajeev J.   

25 years ago I had dental implants. They were made differently then. The implants were inserted in the gums but the teeth were removable. they just clipped in on posts. 25 years later the post were so worn out that repairs were not available. Dr Jain and his staff have invented a way to help me with a whole new bridge using my old implants. Their patience and kindness can not be overrated. I am so lucky to have found them. Dont be turned off by the store front appearance there is magic inside.

Barbara J.   

I had a major problems in my teeth .....the suffering of which was unbearable ....

I also had one front tooth moving and bad breath .........I really got scared...at this early age I will lose my tooth .........I was visiting my uncle in Fremont ...my uncle recommended me this dentistry ..........I just went there as my uncle forced me.........But today i thanks to god and my uncle .......I am really happy with Prestige dental...they have very friendly office environment i m really scared of anesthesia which doctors in New York give during dental care.........but the way Dr. Arpana gave me the anesthesia i did not even feel that pain...........one of the staff use to hold my hands when I needed a moral support during anesthesia ......now when ever I visit Fremont I always visit them and do my treatment with them only.......now I can say that I got rid of my tooth problems .............I am really thankful to Dr. Sambhav and Arpana .........for giving me confidence and new smile on my face.......

Rajni T.   

I'm over 50years old & been through many dental offices before I stumble to Dr. Jain and his office staff at The Center for Implant Dentistry, Fremont CA: and what a great blessing for me that was!
I had a lot of deferred dental work through the years of raising kids and most of the dental offices that I saw -told me that my dental work was too expensive to fix! So I thought I was going to need dentures someday! My teeth were in critical conditions that I started looking to go overseas for a quick fix? Anyways, about three years ago, I saw a newspaper ad for dental implants from Dr. Jain's Office; I gave them a call for an appointment, went in a two days later, met with Dr. Jain and the rest is history!
I was most impressed by the knowledge that Dr. Jain showed me on how we can proceed forward and what the outcomes for my teeth could be! The time frame that we worked out; say 2-3years seemed long ways away but given my condition, I was happy to go along!
So, over 3 years later, I had 5 implants on my lower jaw and half of my upper teeth had to be crown! Yes my teeth, smile and mouth were a mess! Today, I felt like Dr. Jain changed my teeth, smile and mouth from an old dinosaur to a modern confident man!
I cannot say enough how great Dr. Jain and his staff! These folks have the knowledge, expertise, experience, state of the art equipment and compassion! I love my new smile and frankly, they are a game changer for me!
I am a lifetime patient of Dr. Jain and his office!
Thank you Dr. Jain & staff

Eddie A.   

Another successful and painless visit to the dentist today! This is an excellent office for all of your dental needs. I originally went to the office because of a loose tooth and wanted to see about an implant. Because of bone loss I was not a good candidate for an implant, but Dr. Jain gave me a great solution - a beautiful and very natural looking bridge. I couldn't be more pleased. I no longer fear going to the dentist!

Another visit after I had broken the back off a tooth and knew I needed a crown, Dr. Jain offered to stay late and give me a temporary. I opted to come back instead and was given an immediate Saturday morning appointment. Both Drs. Jain and Gupta are very accommodating and caring.

So glad I found them. Also - many kudos to everyone in the office - all very kind and professional.

Donna k.   

I have years of dental neglect to overcome. The Center has worked with me to do some rather extensive repair in the time frame that I can afford. All together, I will probably be in this repair and implant mode for two years or so and already I am a patient for life. One of the reasons I am in such dental shape is directly related to the dentists I have seen in the past. Too bad I didn't meet these guys thirty years ago.

John B.   

I read the advertisement in Tri-City voice newspaper and called the dental office and was glad to get the appointment next day. I had to wait to be seen by Dr. Jain but the wait was worthwhile as with the CT Scan I was my self able to see the condition of my jaw bone. This dentist is kind of cool that he would spend couple of hours understanding my over all health situation. He talked to my physician about medicines I have been taking. I require few teeth to be pulled out and implants to be put in their place. I did not go for the treatment as for the surgery I need to control my blood pressure. But I appreciated the thoroughness of not only my teeth exam but overall health. I found the dental office to be very spacious, dentist to be knowledgeable and dental assistant had nice sense of humor.

Peter J, Fremont   

I was referred to Dr. Sam Jain and Dr. Gupta by one of my friends for implant consultation and cleaning. And i think they provided me all options and i think very good value for my money. I will definitely stick to them for all my future consultation and treatment.

Rishi P.   

My mom heard about implant dentistry over the radio and gave them a call to setup an appointment. Dr. Jain and his wife took care of me personally and made sure I understood every option I had. I went for an implant procedure, the process was long (as it is everywhere), but the results were near perfect. After a long time I have a new tooth in my mouth and I am no longer toothless. It took my family a long time to find a good dentist at the right price, but implant dentistry was worthy the wait. I highly recommend Dr. Jain to anyone who is in need of an implant.

Kevin G.   

My name is Bob Ceremony from Pleasanton. I have had 8 upper and 7 lower implants with full mouth reconstruction installed by the dentists at The Center for Implant Dentistry. I am extremely pleased with the results; and highly recommend them if you are interested in implants.

Anyone who would like to speak with me, feel to give me a phone call at 925-484-1511

You can reach me anytime from 7 am to 10 am or any time after 5pm.

Bob Ceremony   

A friend of mine referred me to visit Dr. Jain at Center for implant dentistry. I needed 12 implants (lost them in a various fights!) and I am on disability and do not have much money. In past I have visited various dentists (even UCSF) but they were either too expensive or were scared to attempt to fix my teeth.

I have visited this dental implant center for three times so far and a team of doctors took various impressions, did CAT scans and are planning the treatment for me. The doctor showed me on You Tube some of the fancy dental treatments done by another dentist in NYC and he is planning to do the same for me. Treatment is expected to last for an year. I cannot wait to see my mouth with new teeth and smile confidently again.

If you got a complex tooth work and want reasonable charges, this is the dental office to go to.

Jack S.   

My dad really enjoys eating, cooking and inviting people for parties with lavish dinner. But couple of years after retirement and due to his fear of dentist and lack of attention to dental hygiene he lost many teeth due to gum disease. A friend of mine told me about a local dental implant office and since the consultation was free we met Dr. Sam Jain. Unlike any other consultation, Dr. Jain showed us different treatment options on his cat scan. Same day we got a chance to see him do surgery on another patient. We talked to that patient and decided to go for surgery. Under sedation, my dad's teeth were extracted, bone grafting was done, impressions were taken and six implants were placed the same day. Entire process took 8 long hours. But after a couple of days of antibiotics and pain killers my dad has at least fake teeth with which he looks much better and can eat food properly rather than having to swallow the food. So far so good, I will update his experience after few months when he will get permanent new teeth.

Johan S.   

I had been having some biting problems with a crown in my lower jaw. This crown has been redone several times and has never had satisfactory result. It was starting to pain badly so I asked my dentist for alternative solution. His advice was to get an implant. After doing some research and reading reviews on Yelp and Google I went to several places for consultation and decided to get the implant done at Center For Implant Dentistry.

Dr. Sam at the Center for Implant Dentistry was very knowledgeable and took his time to explain the procedure. His staff was very courteous and caring. After going through the several month of process I finally got the implant.

It's been 3 months since I had the procedure done and I have to say that it was one of the best decisions I made. Not only all my pain is gone but my bite problem is no longer there. I like that the fact that once the implant put in it's a there for lifetime. I do hope I don't have to go through the pain again for another tooth. But if I do, I would most certainly get an implant put in by Dr. Sam.

Mayank P.   

I wish that I had went to the Center for Implant Dentistry 10 years ago. Since I have dentures I have to be careful about what I eat. The bottom dentures would pop up when I would try to chew my food and this would cause me a lot of pain. When I saw the ad for the Center I decided to talk to the Doctors and see if they could help. They suggested that I should have posts implanted for my bottom dentures so that they would be secure. I am now able to eat anything I want to without worry. I am so happy with both the staff and the Doctors. The staff is so kind and the Doctors paid attention to any concerns that I had and made sure that I was comfortable before ending my appointment. I will recommend the Center for Implant Dentistry to my family and friends.

William H.   

My daughter had been complaining about her wisdom teeth for awhile so I came across this place because they were open on a Saturday. Dr Gupta explained that they were hurting because of the gums partially covering them making it swell, she suggested to remove all four. So that very same day my brave daughter had all four wisdom teeth removed. This was done on a Saturday and she was back in school on Monday no swelling, pain or discomfort.

I then decided to make appointments here for my other children and husband since he hasn't been to a dentist in years....turned out he needed a crown done. Since they have their own lab and computer milling machine there his crown was done in like two days. My husband was happy, he actually kept his appointment there for his deep cleaning which he hates.

Anyways, I myself has this missing tooth and was debating between getting a bridge done or getting an implant. And since this is the Center for implants...I had a consult done with Dr Jain as the whole process to me seemed nerve wracking but Dr Jain made me feel very comfortable as he explained to me the step by step process while going over my 3d X-ray, assuring me that there will be no cuts or stitches and I'll even get to leave with a temp tooth. Yay!

Sandy B.   

I have been doing research and went to many other dentists including clear choice but nobody took as much time as Dr. Jain in explaining me various treatment options for my missing teeth. HIs pricing is also good so I opted for the treatment on first visit. Doctor and other staff checked my vital signs and did the surgery under sedation and put four screws (implants) in my lower jaw bone. Surgery was not too bad. Staff was nice they gave me a blanket, yogurt and juice. Next visit they gave me artificial teeth and nobody in my office knows that they are not real teeth. Now I can smile fully without hiding it. Looking forward to getting new permanent teeth in six months. Thanks Dr. Jain and other Staff.

Kevin W.   

My name is Jaime De Avila, after seen 4 different "Dental offices" and having nothing but problems, I found "The Center for Implant Dentistry in Fremont, Ca

After working for 31 years in the Health care Industry I know what it takes to care of patients, and going by my years of experience, I rate Dr. Sam Jain and his entire personnel with the following words, "EXCELLENT SERVICE", from the initial phone call to end of my treatment, Dr. Sam takes care of you just like a Family member.

The center has everything to take care of all your needs in one place on 08-29-20012, I went to his office all depressed because my bridge was falling off and I also had a severe infection, I told Dr. Sam that I didn't want to be walking with no teeth showing in front of my mouth, he told me not to worry that he will take care of me, Dr. Sam performed a CT Scan and explained the severity of my case, he worked in my mouth for about 10 hours, it was near midnight when he finished, I walked out with a big smile on my face, he is also taking care of my wife and stepson. Dr. Sam goes well beyond the "call of Duty", and he does not "rush you in and out" like other places do, he takes time to explain in detail when you see him with a particular problem, when it comes to dental work for a long term solution I recommend doing the implants because any other type of dental work is just "temporary", He's been taking care of me and so far he has done 7 implants for me, you might think that he's location may be too far from you, but let me tell you it's worth the drive, and they are open on Saturdays. I call him, "The Miracle Doctor", he does amazing work!

Dr. Sam, please keep up the good work !


Jaime D.   

Last weekend, my dad ate some nuts, which he should not have as he is recovering from surgery and has the fake teeth. He broke his crown aka fake tooth. So I called Dr. Jain on his cell phone yesterday, on labour day and requested him to fix my dad's tooth. Dr. Jain talked to my dad and told him not to worry and this morning he squeezed him in the schedule. Another doctor in the office fixed the tooth. What an amazing team of caring doctors. You made my day.

Johan S.   

Working for 30 years in the health care business I know what it takes to take good care of patients, and after seeing 4 different Dental offices I had no trust for nobody, then one day I found The Center for Implant Dentistry, from the initial call to the end of my treatment and my family's I rate their services as being, THE BEST! My wife, my Son and myself are very satisfied with their work, they sure know what they are doing specially when it comes to implants Dr. Sam, you are the Best!

Jaime D.   

Dear Dr. Jain,

A friend of mine referred me to meet you for placing an implant for my missing teeth. I had a great experience at your dental office and all the staff is very compassionate especially, Jyoti, at the front desk is very helpful.
Both you and Dr. Gupta explained all the options and gave me time to think and discuss these with my family. During my subsequent visit you placed the implant. My surgery went well and I am happy with the treatment so far. In the next few months I will also get the crown. Now I can smile with confidence.

Keshav Ban-Mountain View   

Saw the ad for Dr. Jain, Center for Implant Dentistry in Milpitas Post, for an attractive price so I visited them. During the consultation doctor explained me that I needed four implants but my blood pressure was higher on that day. Dr. Jain called my physician and confirmed that his treatment would not conflict with my existing medication (a cocktail of 9 different pills). Now I have got four implants and crowns and I am very happy! Looks like I got new set of teeth. All the implants were put in single surgery, during this time, i was being monitored via heart machine. The surgery was 4 hours long but I got some breaks in between and overall it was not bad, One thing I especially admire his office and staff is I could any time for post-surgery checkup. He is very flexible and I did not have to wait during later on visits. Over all I am very happy with the treatment and for sure I saved money as my existing dentist & periodontics would have cost much more money and time. With Dr. Jain, I did not have to go to any other place for CT Scan or implant or crown.

Dan L.   

When it comes to implants, I would recommend Dr. Sam, I have 7 implants done by Dr. Sam, last year I had an infection in my gum under a bridge and I went to see Dr. Sam, and after taking a CT scan he advised me of the severity of my problem, Dr. Sam worked on my mouth for several hours that same day, when I walked out of his office I had a big smile on my face. It may be worth for you to drive "that extra mile" to go see him.

Jaime D.   

I am here to tell you how skilled and capable Dr. Sam Jain was in rebuilding my mouth. He has all the latest equipment and a very clean work area. The consultation was up front in what had to be done to rebuild my mouth. How he was paid was not an issue. He was just concerned about doing the best job for his patient. Bone grafts were done to build up the bone where the implants were to be placed. Without a good foundation the final product will not work. A sinus lift was done but only after as it was clearly visible from the cat scans that my sinus had cleared up. He would not go to the next step unless everything is healed. I am very pleased with his work and his staff. I will return for future dental work because I feel fortunate to have such a caring person as my dentist and one who takes such pride in his work.

James B.   

I had a great experience at this dentist! I needed about 5 implants and went to many other doctors where I live in Santa Cruz and one is San Jose. They quoted me such a high price it was ridiculous ($54000-$60000) and said the implant I needed the most in the front lower could not be done! So I read some good reviews and decided to give Center For Implant Dentistry a shot.

I'm very glad I did because right away Dr. Jain seemed sure we could do the front tooth. After taking much time with me looking at the CT scan and explaining about bone strength and what not I was ready to get started.

( on a side note: I was only going in for a consultation and hadn't ate yet and was feeling a little bit jittery. They went out of their way and gave me some food and drink so I would feel better. I really appreciated that! )

So in the end I got all 5 implants done that day for a very good price. The implants I got all feel and look perfect. I couldn't be happier. That's why I'm going back for 2 more. To me the 45 minute drive was WAY worth it. I've since gone back for a cleaning and some filling work and feel totally comfortable in their office.

These doctors and staff are some of the hardest working people also. They are open on Saturdays too. I forgot her name but the lady who cleaned my teeth had a great sense of humor too!

Agostino S.   

Both my parents were in need of extensive dental work, specifically dental implants. The care provided by Dr. Jain and Dr. Gupta and their staff was excellent. Both their implants were done with the highest quality of care and professionalism. As both my parents are seniors, they were very conscientious that my parents understood every step of their care. In addition, they were very flexible in assisting them with making installment payments on their implants. They were truly caring toward my parents as well as doing a wonderful job. I highly recommend them and both my parents are more than thrilled with their work.

Gishela G. Novato   

I had unique and positive experience with dental implants over the last couple of years.

Initially,I had full lower mandibular acrylic denture with partial failure in less than a year that was happily restored by my attending dentists.

The limitation of the plastic components used resulted in some outward protrusion of the denture resulting in minor discomfort as I was always conscious that something foreign was in my mouth;the other drawback was the challenge was how to maintain good dental hygiene.Because of the above situation and the recent availability of the hybrid zirconium implant,I opted to go for it and with its many superior advantages.It had only been a few days and I hardly notice that there is something foreign in my mouth.

All the dentists in the office are dedicated and do the best job.In one instance they stayed with me till close to midnight to complete the procedure.

I highly recommend for their skill and dedication

J Bal,MD   

Today I had the opportunity to visit Center for implant denistry for my cleaning. I am more than satisfied how all the assistants treat me and made me feel welcome. Dr. Shavani is a very good and sweet doctor, she took her time to explain to me what needs to be done on my teeth. I been having bone loss in my teeth for such a long time I been going too 3 different doctors in which all them did deep cleaning, but my problem continued to be there. Until today that I found center for implant denistry in which doctor explain to me I needed a small surgery in which is going to help me on my bone loss problem. I'm waiting very happy for my next appointment. I really recommend center for implant denistry to anyone that is having any problem with their teeth.

Ana M.   

Thanks a lot for taking such good care of me. Now after six months of treatment, I am happy with the four implants and new teeth that you have given me. Overall I am very happy with the treatment and for sure I saved money as my existing dentist & periodontist would have costed much more money and time. With you I did not have to go to any other place for a CT Scan or implant or crown.

Dear Dr. Jain & Dr. Gupta,   

I recently visited San Francisco and Silicon Valley area with my family. I flew all the way from WV to see the west coast. But on my way in the airplane, I felt some pain in my upper jaw tooth area. I thought it would be okay by the time I get back to WV and get it looked at by our family dentist.

The first day I was in Cupertino area, I could not bear the pain. We didn't know anyone in the new location. We were visiting Stanford University that day and left for a drive around the area. We crossed a long bridge and the signs said we were in Fremont area. We stopped there for dinner and I found ad for some Dr. Jain's clinic in the paper. Next day I stopped by his office and after a wait of around 1 hour, he talked to me. I had insurance from WV (United Concordia, PPO). After checkup it turned out I had a broken tooth that was causing the pain in my upper left jaw and it had to be fixed to stop the pain.

Dr. Jain took some X-Rays and advised me that the tooth was broken in a way that the remaining part had to be extracted to prevent infection. I wanted to get rid of the pain and after the extraction I felt good. My trip was suffering due to this uncalled pain and my wife was in the meantime showing the kids the around.

After 2 days I went to Dr. Jain's office again. He suggested that I should look into the possibility of getting implant where the tooth was extracted to prevent bone loss. He did some scan and showed me the jaw on the computer. I did not get it done as I had to come back to WV for Thanksgiving but plan to go back to him to get the implant done during my next visit in a few months to west coast.

I'm very impressed by the professionalism at this Dentist office and look forward to getting my new implant tooth in the coming months from Dr. Jain's clinic.

I recently visited San Francisco and Silicon Valley area with my family. I flew all the way from WV   

Dear Dr. Jain & Dr. Gupta,

Thanks a lot for taking such good care of me. Now after six months of treatment, I am happy with the four implants and new teeth that you have given me. Overall I am very happy with the treatment and for sure I saved money as my existing dentist & periodontist would have costed much more money and time. With you I did not have to go to any other place for a CT Scan or implant or crown.

Dan Lohberger   

Like most people I generally do not write a review about good service and happy experience but sometimes you just cannot procrastinate anymore because the service and results are just plain extraordinary. I am truly pleased with my experiences with Center for Implant Dentistry in Fremont over the course of last 3 years. Dr. Sam and crew have been taking care of us and our 2 kids very well and we have to admit that they are the best dentist office we have ever been to. I cannot thank them enough for the expert consultation with clear cut options. Unfortunately, I am the one in the family who has most issues around the taste buds but I am grateful for the timely advice and care that I have received in this office. Living in Fremont for last 15 years, I have to admit I have been switching my dentist for one or the other reasons. Most of the time, I used to feel I am dealing with a pushy salesman in place of a serious medical professional.

I am impressed with Dr. Sam's commitment to this profession. It seems he is a mechanical engineer who spent 5-7 years studying dentistry in this country. His passion for the profession is something I have rarely seen. After office hours, I have seen this guy discussing cases with other dentists in the remote areas of the country seeking his professional advice. Their front office is professionally run with nice and caring staff. You can always count on the staff to accommodate you as much as possible. The office is large enough accommodate many patients at the same time but this place is not like the others who have 15-30 dentists practicing. You get the same dentist out of the 3 or 4 who are part of this practice. The best part is proper follow up and concern for the patient. I am happy that I have a AAA rated dentist.

Pradeep K.   

This review was long due after I visited this dental office two weeks ago by just walking through another endodentists office ( which apparently was closed at that time). I walked to Dr. Sam office welcomed by the reception and requested a quote for a molar/wisdom teeth root canal. She asked me to get a free x ray on my teeth to get a better opinion about root canal. After a quick and thorough dental x-ray by a young african american dental associate, I was referred to Dr. Sam who check my damaged molar teeth very critically and advised me to visit an endodentist. He referred me to his next door endodentist Dr. Jack Issac and gave me a referral letter as well.

I am writing this review because businesses like Dr. Sam's needs more appreciation because they spend their valuable time and resources to get you the best possible cure for your dental needs.

Although, I had extracted my teeth because it was damaged to the level where root canal would not help and only 60% chances for a root canal to work. So, i decided to save money and time and went for teeth extraction. but Dr. Sam's services and advise was really valuable and definitely recommend this place for any dental needs or advise.

Benjamin P.   
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