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To provide the best
in implant dentistry,
we utilize the latest
tools and technologies
Dentist Fremont - 3d CT Scan Machine
3d CT Scan Machine
Dentist Fremont - Virtual Surgical Planning
Virtual Surgical Planning
Dentist Fremont - Microscope Surgery
Guided Implant Surgery
Dentist Fremont - Intraoral Scanners
Dentist Fremont - Computer Aided Design (cad)
Dentist Fremont - Computer Aided Manufacturing (Cam)
Dentist Fremont - Computer Manufactured Zirconia Crowns
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Modern, spacious, state of the art dental implant center

Dentist Fremont - Dental Implant Center

Complete Implant Dentistry Under One Roof

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We Plan
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Advanced Implant Dentistry by an experienced group of implantologists

Dr. Sambhav (Sam) Jain DMD
Dentist Fremont - Dr. Sambhav(Sam) Jain DMD
Dr. Arpana Gupta DDS
Dentist Fremont - Dr. Arpana Gupta DDS
Dr. Shivani Gupta DDS
Dentist Fremont - Dr. Shivani Gupta DDS
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Dr. Sambhav (Sam) Jain's Lecture to Seniors
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Patient Video Testimonials
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Mission Statement

At Center for Implant Dentistry, our doctors and dental team are committed to providing comprehensive, top quality dental implant services in order to restore optimum oral health and improve the quality of life for people who are missing natural teeth. We are dedicated to continually improving our practice and our skills through continuing education, advanced technologies, and a passion for the services we provide. Because our entire team finds joy in life through helping others heal, we constantly strive to discover healthier, safer, and better ways to enhance the quality of life for others. We ensure that our practice remains at the forefront of advanced, modern dentistry.

About our practice

Our spacious, modern dental implant center offers some of the most state-of-the-art services to patients located in and around the Bay Area in Fremont, California. Our team of three professionals is highly skilled in providing dental implants and full mouth reconstruction services. We are inspired by helping others achieve better functioning smiles and enjoy proper, effective healing.
We believe in the power of Dental Implants and we know what they have been able to do for mankind. There is no doubt Implantology has revolutionized dentistry. There has been a paradigm shift in the way we look at oral problems and how we approach them. The traditional ways of treatment are fading away with the advent of dental Implantology and a new era has taken over.
Our practice is at the forefront of a rapidly progressing field of dentistry. It is our philosophy to perform complete implant dentistry under one roof using state-of-the-art equipment, skilled professionals with the knowledge necessary to educate patients on the advantages of dental implants, and a true passion for helping others achieve a more attractive, fully functional smile with today's dental technologies and techniques.


Our practice offers some of the following services in our facility:

  • Block/bone grafting
  • Immediate implants with temporary tooth (same day)
  • Tooth extraction (wisdom teeth)
  • Sinus lifts
  • Single or multiple implants
  • Teeth in a day
  • All on Four
  • Fixed full upper/lower teeth
  • IV/Oral conscious sedation
  • Guided implant surgery

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